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The Omnibox Opportunity

Container flows between the world's major trading areas are heavily imbalanced - for example, for every loaded container that is exported from the United States to Asia, three come in. The equipment that is not required for US exports either has to be repositioned empty back to Asia or disposed of inside the US. Any unit left idle incurs daily storage charges, carrying costs and necessitates the provision of a replacement in Asia. This equipment imbalance costs shipping lines billions of dollars each year. As the volume of global containerized cargo continues to grow at an annual rate in excess of 10%, the imbalances in containerized trade will become more acute and present ever-increasing problems for container fleet managers at the world's top shipping companies.

Omnibox provides a service to it's clients that converts experience, creativity, and a huge network of global contacts into logistics solutions that successfully attack imbalances, improve asset utilization, and produce significant cost savings for its shipping line clientele. Omnibox will deliver containers to buyers in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia in volumes and with specifications that match the needs of their retail businesses.

 Management Profile

Omnibox was established in 2005 by Stuart Downie. Stuart has 30 years experience in the container leasing industry serving the world's top shipping lines. His functional experience spans marketing, operations, container logistics, and general management. He has worked and lived in Europe, Singapore, and the United States.




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 Key Attributes

  Omnibox brings:
  • Marketing products that are tried and tested and bring real operating advantage and demonstrable cost savings to customers

  • A seasoned management team that come from a background where customer service is paramount and with a reputation for integrity

  • Access to experts with many years experience in the field  of container logistics

  • Preferred relationships with container manufacturers in China

  • Strong existing relationships with the world's top shipping lines as well as key regional players


Portfolio of Services

Omnibox is engaged in the following activities:      
  • One way leases     
  • Container trading    
  • Container leasing    
  • Consulting on all aspects of container operations

Omnibox provides a container management service  targeted at two main audiences: the world's main shipping lines and container resellers in select countries. In the initial stages Omnibox will focus on trading and one way leases so that a reputation is quickly established for offering products that address a logistical need. 




Recent Assignments

  • Briefing a major financial institution on the Container Leasing sector

  • Reviewing the container survey industry

  • Providing an overview of Damage Protection Plans

  • Sourcing and disposing of used equipment

  • Sourcing one way boxes for African destinations




Reasons to contact Omnibox

You wish to buy new containers

You have secured a project cargo and need advice on sourcing containers

Your container disposal program could be more efficient

You need new ideas on imbalance resolution




Container Management Services LLC

Stamford, CT USA
Tel: +1 203 461 8315